What is Integrative Medicine?

Integrative Medicine integrates both traditional and alternative medicine with a holistic approach. Rather than focus on disease, the focus is on the whole person and all the available modalities for healing.

Using a holistic model to balance body, mind, and spirit, we work together towards joy, health, and wellness. Coaching empowers you in decisions for health and wellness, and ultimately your joy. Identifying goals, psycho-educational counseling, emotional balance, medical consultation and healing touch therapies are among the many modalities utilized.

What is craniosacral therapy?

"Motion is health; restriction is disease," in the words of John Upledger. This light touch therapy releases tension that restricts the body; supports the system of fluid surrounding the brain and spinal cord; and promotes balance and self-healing. Comfortable loose clothing is recommended. Clients remain fully clothed while laying on a massage table. The therapy focuses on releasing the tension in the muscles and soft tissues that may keep bones out of subtle alignment and prevent proper motion of the body. With the focus on brain and spinal cord, many chronic neurologic issues can be treated, including depression and anxiety. However, the therapy can be beneficial for a range of problems. Individual response can vary from general relaxation to somatoemotional release. For more information, please visit www.upledger.com.

What is acupuncture? 

A therapy from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), acupuncture involves the use of very thin solid needles. These sterile needles are placed at points to balance the flow of "chi" (vital force or "energy") through the body. In the Chinese medical model, diagnosis is taken with a standard history as well acupuncture examination of the tongue and pulses. A range of problems can be treated from nausea to acute or chronic pain.

Does Dr. Ying teach tai chi?

I no longer teach a community class, but private lessons are available upon request.

How long is an average appointment with Dr. Ying?

When compared to a standard physician visit, time is a luxury of appointments with Dr. Ying. Initial appointments average 60 minutes, and follow-up appointments average 30 to 60 minutes. Getting to know the whole patient (“the holistic approach”) is important, and one of the key elements to Dr. Ying’s practice.

How much is an average visit with Dr. Ying?

Fees subject to change without notice.
Please note that website information may be outdated.
Average rate: $250/hour
Initial visit (approx 60 minutes, $250)
Follow-up visit (approx 30 to 60 minutes)
Check-up (well visit): $185
Craniosacral therapy session: $185

Do you accept insurance?

Although health insurance plans are not accepted, insurance plans with "out-of-network" benefits will reimburse you depending on your plan. I provide the paperwork so that you can file your claim. Please contact your insurance company to verify your coverage. Exception: Medicare and Medicaid are not accepted.

Who takes care of me in the hospital?

My goal is to promote wellness and keep you out of the hospital.
If you are admitted to the hospital, an on-call hospitalist physician will be contacted to assume your care.  If needed by your hospital doctor, I will send them your office records. After discharge from the hospital, I will resume your care.